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Smart Class

This project is an effort implemented by our institution to automate the current manual and tedious tasks involved in teaching. It can be used by the management, teacher, students and other staff members of the institution with equal ease and efficacy. The software aims at making the teaching procedure more interactive and interesting. The core idea behind implementing this technology is;  Smart Classes provides a teaching and learning solution that includes rich media digital learning materials to help students and teachers.

School Libraries

School libraries make a difference to student achievement. Children`s interest in reading has more impact on their academic performance. We have a library with books of various subjects that aid the students with knowledge for further development in addition to classroom studies.


For  creating and promoting scientific attitude in the students, we have set up well planned and adequately equipped laboratories. A scientific atmosphere prevails and creates an interest among the students in learning new experiments. It is an ideal place for carrying out demonstration and various scientific activities. It provides a proper and congenial place for performing experiments and it has helped us in developing a sense of cooperation among the students.


Consuming nutritious food and adopting a healthy lifestyle assists students to grow and develop to their optimum potential leading to improved educational outcomes. Keeping this in mind, we deliver the right nutritional message by providing a wide range of healthy food.


Standing tall and proud in the heart of the school campus is the Radhika Auditorium. It’s a grand venue for many events.The Auditorium provides an intimate feeling while accommodating a large group of audiences during activities and occasions. It`s well equipped with the needed amenities that provide a touch of class.


To inculcate the value of respecting nature, we have maintained gardens to help children understand mother nature. Tending to new plants teaches children responsibility and teamwork. It provides an opportunity to bring science, math, social studies, and language and visual arts to life through hands-on learning. The experience of seeing seed, soil, water and sun come together to transform into a tiny plant is a lesson in itself, and one not soon forgotten. Learning to appreciate the wonder and power of nature is the core of an environmental education.

Music Rooms

We strongly believe that arts enrich all of our lives! Our Music Room provides a nurturing environment for children to engage in the finest performing arts education. Our staff is composed of experienced educators and professional performers, who provide our students with the very best in technical training and performance opportunities.

Dance Rooms

The facilities of dance rooms in our campus is with a mission to cultivate essential life skills in children through the practice of dance. Our vision is to help create in every child the respect for the art, which is connected, respected, and provided in a safe environment to learn, perform and thrive.

Integrated school for special children

We provide education, health care and nutritional support to children with special needs. We take utmost care of children with physical and mental disabilities. Slow learning children are integrated in regular class so as to cope up in the class. For moderate, severe and profound category children, we have special classes whereas the mild and borderline children study with the able bodied children in the same class.

School Parking

Our school system has rules in place to keep students safe. We have designated areas set aside specifically for parents to drop their children off. We have proper vigilance adopted by our well trained parking lot staff. Utmost care is taken to ensure that everyone arrives, parks and departs safely.

Audio Visual Room

Our audio-visual room is equipped with overhead projectors, multi-media, Internet access unit, television set, VHS, CD/VCD and karaoke units, which are being used for students and faculty activities like classroom presentations, meetings, conferences and lectures.

Hostel Facilities

We provide an accommodating and secure abode to students through an ideal hostel facility with strict rules and regulations. We follow a prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to in order to bring about discipline in the students’ routine and create a healthy living. Round-the-clock security ensures a safe haven for the students.