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The Urmi School Management plans, organizes, staffs, leads, and controls by putting in efforts for the purpose of accomplishing a goal


 Knowledge is being applied systematically and purposefully to determine what new knowledge is needed, whether it is feasible, and what has to be done to make knowledge effective. The management is equipped with skilled talents, is creative, organized, analytical and produce effective goal-oriented results! The management is well trained in delegating, planning and organizing, communicating clearly, controlling situations, motivating students and teachers, adapting to change, constantly innovating and thinking of new ideas, building a good team and delivering results which are not just figure-bound but results that also focus on overall growth and development.

From the desk of Founder Chairman

Shri Bakulesh R. Gupta


As we embark on another academic year we are truly inspired by visions of eminent educationists of our country and their emerging educational philosophies.

No amount of words can express my sense of satisfaction with the progress made so far. I owe this progress to the unfaltering faith reposed in us by the parents and this is all possible because of the teachers fraternity in our school. Well, I am extremely delighted to welcome you warmly to another academic year of Urmi School - BRG Group, which is dedicated to inculcate strong moral values, qualities of integrity, honesty, creativity, imagination, perseverance, benevolence, discipline, self- confidence and command over communication skills in all its students besides academic excellence.

Before I go any further, a small mention of our humble beginning is called for. We started as a small school with just a handful of students and today we stand tall with a handsome strength. This shows how we have moved from strength to strength. After years of educating children we have our students in specialized fields such as doctors, engineers, specialists, fashion designers and other niche place in the society.

I would also like to extend my hearty congratulations to all the students of Std-X and XII, who have brought accolades to the school. The management and faculties are unceasingly dedicated to the expansion of the horizons of knowledge. The school`s motto is to create skilled leaders who are capable of contributing to the society positively in every aspect.

The year 2013 has brought one more phenomenal feat in our school. BRG Group is now a proud Guinness world record holder of the largest human torch formation which was undertaken by students of Urmi & GPS School of BRG Group to commemorate the 150th birth centenary of Swami Vivekananda. We have created history with this achievement. We have been certified as "Officially Amazing".


We welcome all to a new year and a new challenge and opportunity with a pledge of making our school a center of excellence, both in spirit and in letter. We seek your co-operation and great support for all times to accomplish the high standards.