►1. Affiliation letter  ►2. Trust Registration letter  ►3. NOC 
►4. Recognition certi under RTE act  ►5. Building Safety Certificate  ►6. Fire Safty Certi 
►7. Health and sanitation cert  ►8. List of SMC  ►9. List of PTA 
►10. Result of Last three year  ►11. Teacher Details 

Welcome to Student Samachar – The weekly student newsletter. We created this feature for students, in order to help themmake the most of their time in improving their writing skills and being continuously aware of knowledge bound articles.

The newsletter is specifically for our students to provide them with useful articles, tips and information and keep our readers up to date with news and events.

These newsletters will keep you up to date with the latest developments from The BRG group, and by providing you with valuable information for studies and beyond. The students can inculcate value based writing skills and add to their knowledge through these newsletters

Life as a student can be very busy, so make sure you don’t miss out on anything by regularly reading our weekly edition of Students Samachar.


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